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Efficient and user-friendly TouchActiv smart film and smart glass products answer your privacy requirements seamlessly. Instantly revamp your environment with a simple twitch or button press.

TouchActiv offers various privacy solutions for Industrial Buildings, Commercial office buildings, and banks, including on-demand surround privacy for boardrooms, unique projection screens, and floor-to-ceiling privacy glass windows. Smart glass switchable partitions support dynamic workspaces that enhance productivity and optimize floor plans, all while maintaining minimalist and modular designs. With a wealth of experience in the commercial sector throughout the UAE, we are your trusted partner.

Efficiency and ease of use define TouchActiv smart film and smart glass products, providing a straightforward solution to your privacy needs. Transform your space at the twitch of a finger or the push of a button.

Sustainability and Energy
Using PDLC Technology for Reduced Energy Consumption

Convertible privacy glass is a sustainable solution that can reduce energy usage and costs by enhancing natural daylighting, decreasing the need for artificial shine, and shortening solar heat gain, leading to a reduction in the demand for air conditioning.

While specifics may vary among manufacturers, most panels possess modest power requirements, typically drawing less than 0.5 watts per square foot.

Businesses work closely with suppliers and partners to ensure that their glass and film products are eco-friendly. This is a crucial step in promoting sustainability and mitigating carbon emissions. By prioritizing the planet, these industry leaders set an example for others. PDLC panels primarily consist of glass, a material with a well-established recycling infrastructure. Including recycled glass in contemporary glassmaking mitigates CO2 emissions linked to production.

Panels can be reused; glazing can be extracted from its initial installation and repurposed in another building.

Essential sustainability and energy-saving advantages of switchable privacy glass with PDLC technology encompass:

  • Saving energy through natural lighting while preserving privacy.
  • Reducing material consumption, lessening fabric waste used for curtains, drapes, shutters, blinds, projection screens, and dry-erase boards.
  • Eliminating the need for dust-collecting draperies, blinds, or shutters enhances indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Utilizing organic and biodegradable liquid crystal compounds.
  • It features minimal power consumption, equivalent to that of a clock radio.
  • Blocking over 80 percent of infrared and more than 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Diminishing solar heat gain, thereby reducing energy consumption for HVAC.

TouchActiv’s Ismartglass electro-optical privacy glass, curated for diverse applications in hotels, hospitals, offices, residential spaces, and the yacht industry, represents a noteworthy development. It proves particularly ideal for partitions and interior design applications. TouchActiv excels in assisting customers in identifying appropriate solutions for a wide range of requests while prioritizing installation reliability and safety.

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TouchActiv has been a leader in the field of Switchable Glass since 2012. We offer a wide range of Intelligent Glass technologies to cater to your specific needs. Our Switchable Privacy Glass is a unique product that alternates between a clear window panel and a non-transparent opaque panel, providing an exceptional experience. This advanced feature is ideal for creating privacy solutions in various settings, such as modern offices, residential homes, hospitals, universities, government buildings, and banks throughout the UAE and the GCC countries.

Perfect Privacy Solution
Perfect Privacy Solution
Perfect Privacy Solution
Perfect Privacy Solution

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