Light Control

Managing light is essential in achieving the desired ambiance, privacy, and energy efficiency in interior and exterior spaces. In this discussion, we delve into innovative solutions that offer precise control over illumination, enhancing comfort and aesthetics.

I-Smart Glass: A Modern Alternative to Blinds and Shades

Are you tired of traditional window treatments like blinds and shades that don’t always give you the privacy you need while regulating the temperature of your interior spaces? If so, we have an exciting solution for you: I-Smart glass and films. These innovative products are equipped with IR reflection capabilities, which means you’ll get the privacy you need while ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures. Plus, with PDLC technology, these glass and film solutions are incredibly effective at blocking up to 99% of incoming light and creating shading effects that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Whether you want to upgrade your interior or exterior windows, I-Smart glass and films are the perfect choice for advanced privacy management and energy efficiency.

Modernize Your Windows with iSmart Glass Smart Film

Bid farewell to outdated curtains and blinds. Elevate your windows with iSmart Glass smart film, granting you full authority over light penetration. When paired with a dimmer system, this innovative smart film provides complete control, allowing you to easily curate your desired lighting ambiance.



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