Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass, also known as Fire Resistant Glass, is a specialized type designed to protect against fire during rigorous Fire Resistance Tests. Its vital role in ensuring building safety is underscored by Building Regulations that dictate its mandatory use in specific applications.

Understanding Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass, often referred to as Fire Resistant Glass, has been extensively tested and proven to offer reliable fire protection during Fire Resistance Tests.

Designed to withstand rigorous Fire Resistance Tests, TouchActiv’s Fire Rated Glass stands as a trusted guardian against flames, providing a reliable and certified solution for enhanced fire protection in diverse architectural settings

Fire-Protective Glass

Fire-protective glass is designed to resist the spread of flames and smoke. This category encompasses traditional wired glass, glass ceramics, and specially tempered glass. It is typically used when building codes permit “opening protective” assemblies. While fire-protective glazing comes with fire ratings spanning from 20 to 180 minutes, it is subject to area and size restrictions dictated by applicable building codes and authorities.

Fire-Resistive Glass

Fire-resistive glass offers defense against flames and smoke and provides added protection by preventing radiant and conductive heat transfer. These products are typically multi-laminates incorporating multiple glass layers with fire-resistive interlayers. They suit situations where building codes mandate a “fire resistant” assembly to enclose a space. Examples include wall applications requiring a 60-minute or longer fire rating, such as stairwells, exit access corridors, or fire barriers within interior construction. In such cases, the International Building Code (IBC) mandates that the temperature rise on the non-fire side of the glass should not exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit above the ambient temperature at the end of the fire test, typically 60 or 120 minutes. Additionally, this glass must pass the hose stream test.
Beyond its fire-resistant properties, fire-resistive glass surpasses industry standards. These innovative products excel in challenging situations, meeting and exceeding International Building Code (IBC) requirements. With a focus on both safety and performance, fire-resistive glass ensures optimal protection and reliability in critical applications.
Fire Rated glass
The Importance of Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass holds immense importance in ensuring the safety and security of buildings. It serves as a critical line of defense against the devastating effects of fire outbreaks. Its significance can be highlighted in the following ways:

  1. Life Safety:Fire Rated Glass helps protect the lives of building occupants by containing flames and smoke, allowing for safe evacuation during a fire emergency. It provides a crucial time for individuals to exit the building safely.
  2. Property Protection:Beyond safeguarding lives, Fire Rated Glass also helps protect valuable property and assets within a structure. It minimizes the risk of fire spreading rapidly and causing extensive damage.
  3. Regulatory Compliance:Building Regulations and codes specify using Fire Rated Glass in specific applications to meet safety standards. Compliance with these regulations is essential for obtaining building permits and ensuring legal adherence.
  4. Design Flexibility:Fire Rated Glass allows architects and designers to incorporate safety measures into their aesthetic and functional plans. It allows for creating open and inviting spaces while maintaining fire safety standards.
  5. Enhanced Building Performance:In addition to fire resistance, some types of Fire Rated Glass provide thermal and acoustic insulation benefits, contributing to overall building performance and occupant comfort.

Fire Rated Glass is not just a passive building component but a proactive measure in safeguarding lives, property, and compliance with regulations. Its installation is an essential investment in the safety and integrity of any building.


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