Transparent BIPV Solar glass

Transparent (BIPV) solar glass is a pioneering innovation in sustainable architecture and energy production. This advanced glass combines traditional building materials with solar energy generation, providing an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly solution for modern structures.

Empowering Your Design with TouchActiv's BIPV Solutions

TouchActiv, offers a diverse range of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products. This empowers customers to exercise creative freedom in system design. Our commitment extends to tailor-made double-glazed BIPV modules, customized to exact specifications, including size, thickness, shape, and color, complemented by our acclaimed standard double-glass PV modules. TouchActive specializes in BIPV sourcing, distribution, and system integration, offering access to cutting-edge products globally. We leverage our suppliers’ research and development expertise and deliver state-of-the-art production, personalized system design, and expert installation services to clients.

Key Features of TouchActiv's BIPV Solutions

BIPV surpasses traditional glazing, finding applications in atria, facades, walls, awnings, pergolas, roofs, skylights, and parapet cladding. Beyond functionality, BIPV adds remarkable aesthetic value, imbuing buildings with distinctive character when integrated with traditional materials. It embodies sustainability by generating clean electricity, and reducing reliance on non-renewable sources while remaining weather-resistant and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. TouchActive’s BIPV technology is a testament to reliability, requiring no fuel, featuring no moving components, and demanding minimal maintenance. With flexible, modular options and various single, double, and triple glass laminates, including those offering superior thermal and acoustic insulation, TouchActive ensures adaptable solutions aligned with sustainable architecture.
The Significance of Transparent BIPV Solar Glass

Transparent BIPV Solar Glass is a transformative technology of profound significance:

  1. It addresses the urgent need for sustainable energy by seamlessly integrating solar panels into building materials, reducing reliance on non-renewable sources, and mitigating emissions.
  2. It redefines architectural design by enhancing aesthetics and offering new creative possibilities, making buildings visually striking and environmentally responsible. Transparent BIPV Solar Glass fosters sustainable energy practices, elevates architectural design, promotes long-term cost efficiency, and advances the global transition toward a greener, more sustainable future.
  3. Its durability and minimal maintenance contribute to cost savings and reduce the environmental impact of building upkeep.


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